Sunday, June 22, 2008

What's Under the Cloche? (2)

Now that June is racing toward July, I decided it was time to get a summer vignette under the cloche. I based this display around a little souvenir booklet I purchased on our recent trip to Minnesota. I am always drawn to personal papers that have fallen out of the family line, but I think this one really struck a chord with me because my oldest son had just graduated from high school the week before and were were traveling to register him for college. This little booklet celebrates the end of the school year with a number of poems with one comparing education to a ship and another that's just plain honest: "My pupils 'tis the close of school, Vacation days have come. And you're released from task and rule, And lessons' weary hum." The inner pages are all professionally printed, with one reading "with best wishes from your teacher 1908". Another lists the location as Elm Dale Township, Morrison County, Minnesota; the teacher as Nellie Sullivan (is that her picture pasted to the cover?); and a listing of students including five Nelsons, five Johnsons and eight Andersons--fifty-three students in all. To back the souvenir booklet, a 25 cent thrift store flag took a quick tea bath to knock down the new look a bit and then was anchored in a vintage pin frog. Some antique store stars cluster around it, repeating the stars and stripes theme and perhaps suggesting star pupils. A swirl of vintage rick rack adds a festive touch. To make the bottom of the cloche more interesting, I photocopied and cut a circle from a page in a beautiful old book I own that was copyrighted in the late 1800's and is titled Real Penwork Self Instructor in Penmanship. So, what's under your cloche this summer?


Sabii Wabii said...

I am one of the lucky ones to have received a panal from you from the "birds and bonnets" swap. I just wanted to tell you how cute it is and how much I love it. I especially love the SEW side...Thank you,

Marilyn said...

Hi, Carla! Your souvenir booklet is such a great find...and I love the extras you added for a truly summer look! Marilyn:-)

Cami said...

Very nice indeed! Right now I'm hosting eggs found out in the pasture. Have you had any skittles lately??! Or are you still on that button diet?!

cindy said...

I'm loving your summer cloche! Hmmmm, I may have to post what is on my entry way...too big for a cloche though. LOL. Your's is adorable.


Jan and Tom's Place said...

Hi Carla,

You've been "tagged" to participate in some fun. Check my blog post "Tagged - 6 Unimportant Things About Me" for information!