Sunday, July 26, 2009

Something Old

Most Saturday mornings I stop by my favorite thrift store which is located in a retirement community. I seldom walk away empty handed because--and I don't know how to put this politely--old people have old things. I never know what I am going to find, but I'm sure to get advice from the community residents who serve as volunteer staff on how to carry, clean and use the items I've purchased. Sometimes though, my cashier just shakes her head ever so slightly and I know she's wondering why I would want that old thing. Here are some of my recent finds.


None of these cameos are fine or valubable; in fact, all but one are button covers. For just a dollar, though, I have a great stash for future paper and fabric projects.

Lace Collars

I ran across a group of these for just 50 cents each. The lace trim at the bottom of the photo was separated from the collar and will become part of my little French fashion book. Do you suppose it was the same person who jazzed up her plain blouses with these and the cameo button covers?

Tools and Craft Supplies

No lightweight plastic here. Older tools are made of sturdy metal and wood that has developed a nice patina. Even the brads have a wonderful tarnish that only age can bring and were just a few cents more than the original price. I have found some big pieces for the studio recently, too. A relatively new printer/scanner/copier was just $15. It was out of black ink, but there was a brand new black cartridge still in the box and right beside it for just $1. Another favorite find is a pair of storage cubes. I have to take back what I said about no plastic, because these are made of plastic, but an old plastic that is incredibly heavy and has yellowed to the color of French ivory. They're perfect for scrapbook-size sheets of paper and there were two of them to stack in a corner of the closet for just $3 each. Have I convinced you to grab the phone book and start calling the retirement communities in your town?