Friday, May 23, 2008

Share Your Studio Saturday

The Little Bluebird Diaries is hosting a Share Your Studio Saturday with the theme being organization. I have to admit that I do have a couple of those plastic organization bins in my closet for rough items like china shards for mosaics, but I much prefer storage items with a vintage look. To store paper scraps for decoupage and collage, I made this box. I purchased a wood file box from a craft store and painted it inside and out in a chocolate brown. I decoupaged an image of a woman spinning flax onto the lid and glued two layers of ribbon around the edges of the lid. For the sides of the box, I cut scrapbooking pages into panels and decoupaged them one at a time, trimming them to an exact fit with an Exacto knife after the glue had dried. I dropped a piece of gold embossed scrapbooking paper into the bottom just to pretty it up a bit. Most of the time it's hidden by all the paper scraps, but I like knowing it's there. This little chest of drawers came from an antiques market. I think it was cobbled together by some guy in his home workshop years ago. It was roughly done, with circles of wood for drawer pulls. It had been painted over several times in red, blue and a dirty cream color and the sides of the drawers were covered in graphite. I spent a lot of time sanding, painting and waxing it. The rose drawer pulls caught my eye at another antique market and I decided to use them on this project. There were 4 smaller ones and 2 larger ones and they were probably supposed to be used in pairs, but I used one centered on each drawer front. I wanted decoration on the sides that echoed the design of the pulls. After much searching at my local hardware stores and then online, I choose these appliques from Rose Blossom Cottage. They had a very similar motif, were the right size and worked with my budget. The appliques looked like clay when they arrived and were steamed over a pot of water to a pasta-like consistency which activated the glue. Once dry, they painted up nicely. I decoupaged some toile tissue paper inside the bottom of the drawers. You can see that the drawers were originally grooved for dividers, but they were missing and I did not replace them so I could have larger storage areas. This drawer holds an assortment of ribbon and trim odds and ends and the others store items like stamps and ink pads. This still shabby little chest of drawers sits on a vintage folding table that serves as my work space. Now I'm off to gather ideas from the rest of you--I've found that as my interest in blogging and collage grows, so does my stash of tools and supplies!


Rosalyn-Sue said...

So very clever! I've always wanted to make some boxes but have been too nervous I would mess it up. You make it look quite doable.

I have an extra unused pouch if you'd like to have one. Just send me your address, and I'll send it your way. I had purchased two, but only need one -- I have to keep telling myself that was the idea -- to minimize your items to travel :)

Thanks again for sharing your studio today. So full of inspiration!



Margo said...

Wow - I LOVE the drawers and how you found the perfect match for the pulls!
Thanks for sharing!
Margo said...

Fantastic makeover! Doesn't new hardware and trim make a huge differance?

just being crafty said...

You are just so talented I love the paper on the box you did and your little chest is so cute. I just love drawer knobs, I have a few. Thanks for sharing!!!


Sue said...

Wow! Your box is scrumptious. I love your eye for detail. Your comment on an increasing desire for more supplies no doubt strikes a chord with many of us. Inspiration from others has known to cause this ailment. But at least this "sickness" results in adding some pretties to our environment! With three teenagers in one house (I'm in the same boat) any escape to "pretty" can be a welcome addition some days (wink)!

Thanks for sharing!

Cami said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the upscale feel.

Brook said...

Beautiful! Simply beautiful!


Kim Di Maggio said...

Carla, I love what you did with your appliques. What a perfect match!
Just love all the beautiful makeovers! So very creative and such a wonderful eye for such things. Blessings,
Kim at

Couture de Papier said...

So elegant wow!

Fete et Fleur said...

The print is wonderful and the little drawer chest you re-did is to die for. Great job!

xx Nancy