Monday, May 12, 2008

Recent Treasures

After visiting with Beth and Karla at Beth's antique booth on Thursday, my time to browse got cut short. I went back on Mother's Day and treated myself to these two treasures. I love how wide the rose lace is. The petite mother of pearl spoon reflects light beautifully and may be paired with some salt and pepper shakers with mother of pearl lids (in a vignette of course--we don't dine that elegantly around here!) Beth has a wonderful eye! This photo is the first one taken with my new camera, which was a Mother's Day gift from my family. It's a Fuji Finepix and was rated one of the top five budget-friendly cameras for bloggers. My megapixels have doubled, but what I really love is that it has a battery pack that actually holds a charge. With the old camera I could hardly get a good shot or two before the double A's were out of power. The next shot is taken with the Auction mode. The camera provides a choice of layouts and then combines shots. Cool, right? This little stash is from a visit to my favorite thrift store last Friday. It cost $3.15, with the bone china thimble being the most pricey item at $2. I got the thimble for the little crocheted teacup I picked up in Omaha a few weeks ago. I love the print on the vintage wrapping paper. It's called "Caught in a Shower" and is circa 1949. I bought it, the rick rack and the deck of cards with future collage projects in mind. The little wood hobby knitters are destined for a future installment of "What's under the cloche?" Now that I've said that I better go photograph the first installment!


barbara said...

I have the same piece of wrapping paper - isn't it just too cute? The images on that old Tie-Tie paper are just the best.

Sarah said...

Fun finds! I never find things at our local thrift store. I'm told I have to practically stalk the place to get the good stuff!
Vintage Lily