Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Play Days

I forgot to upload this hankie photo for Sunday's show and tell. This little vintage pincushion doll (her dull green skirt was covered over with new fabric several years ago) has such a pinched look in spite of her fancy surroundings. I guess it's just the nature of her job. We finally have some warmth and sunshine and I visited several thrift stores yesterday, but didn't really find much. I'm starting a new work schedule this week with more weekdays off and I'm supposed to be cleaning for out of town guests, but I spent the morning in my craft room straightening and finishing a couple of little projects. Now that I have the jar from the Omaha trip, I decided to give my white buttons a good soaking (ala Cerri's method) so they'd look better on display.

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Beth Leintz said...

Carla- Karla and I are hosting a swap- we'd love it you'd like to "play with us". The details are on my blog- you might have to scroll down a post or two. But no pressure....just wanted you to know you are welcome even if you haven't swapped before.