Sunday, April 20, 2008

Find of the Spring Day

We are finally getting what we deserve--spring weather! After working yesterday morning, I couldn't resist using the sunny afternoon to drive out to an antique mall to look for bits and bobs for Karla and Beth's Birds & Bonnets Vintage Workshop Swap. I am excited about participating in my first swap and my mind is buzzing with ideas. I ran across this box. It has so many motifs that I love. The rose, the berries and the ships. Ships always conjure up such romantic images for me. Cargoes of treasure from distant lands, reunions with loved ones. And this ship has that same look as the ones found on delft--so I can almost see that perennial favorite of mine: blue and white. The dealer had marked it down from $25 to $5, so how could I resist? On the bottom, it's stamped: 2 Pr. Men's 1/2 Hose Size 10. Can you imagine? Such a beautiful box for socks. The lid has some problems, but that's okay because I'd like to display it open like this. Now what should I fill it with? The white buttons have already found a home in their calico top jar. Perhaps the blue and white china shards that I save for mosaics. Or maybe those old clothespins wrapped with my thrift store laces. For me, that's one of the most delicious things about a vintage find--the pondering. What associations does it bring to mind? What should I put with it? Where shall I place it? You know what they say about travel--that sometimes it's not just the destination but the getting there. That's what vignettes are to me--the pretty resting places that result after a creative journey.


Beth Leintz said...

I think you got a good deal! And those pink flowers (bleeding hearts?) look beautiful in the box! said...

YEs,too bad you can't just keep the flowers stored in the box, they look so lovely. I like the idea of broken china in it too, though.