Monday, March 24, 2008

The pulls find a home

I was leaving a church sale one morning when an old tv cabinet in the parking lot caught my eye. I liked the curvy insets on the door panels. I stood there imagining the ugly, brown scratched-up wood covered with crisp white paint. In the insets, I'd apply blue and white toile wallpaper left over from my craft room's accent wall. And those wreath-shaped pulls I'd found would be the finishing touch. The cabinet went home with me for just $7. I spent quite a few hours under an awning on my patio working on it. I had to pull out some speaker fabric and supports. I removed the hardware and spackled the holes so I could place my pulls where I wanted them. I sanded it, primed it and gave it several coats of paint. I moved the cabinet to my craft room to wallpaper the insets. I drilled holes for the pulls and screwed them in. At Home Depot, I purchased some wood for shelves and they made the cuts for me. They were also painted white and, luckily, were in the perfect spot when I rested them on some of the original wood supports. When I can get around to it, I think I will put a Briwax finish on the paint to give it some soft lustre. In the meantime, it hides a small tv and cd player. It brings a bit of the toile from the accent wall over to a plain wall. And, of course, it gives me yet another flat surface where I can arrange my finds.

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