Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Heartfelt Return

Most images of cherubs and cupids don't appeal to me, but I loved this old one with all its delicate details, from the flower garlands in her hair to her beribboned ballet flats. She became the inspiration for a Valentine's Day gift cone. I used a paper mache cone and painted the inside gold. The outside was covered with a decorative paper (this one was actually a Christmas gift wrap). I had the vintage braid and lacy flowers in my stash. I gilded a small wood ball with Rub 'N Buff to finish the bottom of the cone. I like the way this echoes the shape of the quiver she carries. Some Valentine's edition Lindor truffles would be the perfect way to fill this!

On a personal note, thanks for stopping by. I know it has been ages since I last posted. It was a busy year with two children graduating from high school and starting college and their older brother, who is a college junior, moving into his first apartment. I logged a lot of hours criss-crossing the country in a packed SUV. I'm happy to say everyone has settled in nicely, and I now have more time to create and blog about it. With three times the tuition, I also have much less money to spend, but that's okay since craft store clearance racks and thift stores are some of my favorite places. I hope you'll join me again and invite me to visit you.


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