Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Pups are in the Mail!

My posh pink pups are on their way to Karla's for the Puppy Love Tag Book Swap. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out, but I wish I'd learn to do broader strokes of layering and less fussy detail. I seem to get hung up on things like making the tiniest slit in a paper bird's beak so it can be glued under and over a bit of lace so it looks as though the bird is acutally holding the lace in its mouth.
In this case, I was quite taken by the tombourine this trade card dog was holding. I really got caught up in turning it into an "instrument of love". I cut away the original advertising and sandwiched tiny, free-floating punched paper hearts between the paper pup, pink vellum and a background paper. That tested my cutting and gluing skills! Then I handstitched through those three layers to attach gold sequins and beads to highlight the three tombourine jingles. For the life of me, I can't figure out how one person, making six little tags with such teeny details can make such a mess! There were sequins, beads, snips of paper and bits of trim everywhere! It was a jumble of everything I had considered and everything I had used. This morning the studio straighten-up began--but only after an inspiring hour spent with the new issue of Where Women Create.


Marilyn said...

Carla, I saw your tag in the flickr group--and loved it--so it was fun reading here how you put the pup's tamborine together.
I also find myself getting caught up in a particular detail, lol! At least, in this case, your tag turned out great because you did:)
I want to thank you so much for your comment on my blog earlier this week--I hope we get a chance to meet in person again too!

Karen from A`Musements said...

LOVE your "pups" and think you should make enough to send to ALL of us... ha! Did that about give you a heart attack?! Just kidding, but they ARE darn cute. Great post!

Gretchen said...

Carla, I am one of the ladies that rec'd one of your beautiful pupply love tags from Karla's swap. I live in Minnesota, and you're beautiful swap tag greeted me on a cold dreary day. Your tag is so romantic and dreamy with its delicate pink and gold coloring.
It was fun to read about your process of making these tags in your blog posts and just know that I love and appreciate all of the details you put into your tag.
I am new to the blogging and swap world, so this has been a learning experience. I now know that you all add a piece of paper with your name and blog info on the tags, whereas I had just tried to hand sign my tags without any blog info.
I have written a post on my original 6 tags I made for the swap in case you are interested and will be adding your tag to my blog later today. If you're interested you can check out my blog at

Dawn Gahan said...


I too am one of the lucky gals who received one of your tags in my book. I truly love it! The tambourine idea is wonderfully creative!

Thank you thank you thank you.

I posted about your tag here:

Happy Valentine's Day!

The Gahan Girls

Jenny Fowler said...

And they are so pretty and I am so lucky to have received one! Thank you!! Happy Valentine's Day!

bekaboo said...

I just love that tamborine! What a great tag. Those were wonderful all around.